Facebook and Google together in mobile search

Facebook and Google together in mobile search

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Facebook finally decided to open once the door to a role with Google. From now on, the result of searches made by mobile device through the Google app will show this content on the social network.

The idea is to make a kind of crossover of information between the two tools. Initially, the change applies only to mobile searches done by Android devices.

With the change, the interactions carried out within the social network will be available in search results, as we see below.

The point? Search more assertive.

An important step for searches
This change comes as a kind of long tail in searches.
Although Facebook is the social network accessed over the world (about 1.5 billion users), searches done on Google not explored as well and the results obtained so far were limited pages related to the search term.

Even though the search giant, Google can not display the information that is within the application without the consent of the responsible companies.

This news should certainly very revolutionize what we know about searches and can be a great opportunity to explore further the search for geolocation.

The best user experience
The purpose of this change is in line with the changes adopted by Google’s overall strategy in early 2015 to improve the user experience.

All this comes in addition to updates for mobile, search by voice and update RankBrain confirmed recently by Google.

The change cycle should not stop there, Facebook said it is developing a news app that should be displayed on the site page, possibly searches done on the social network start to show results as content stored by Google.

Now more than ever, it is not enough just to have an account in social networks, but it is necessary to generate interactivity with the user.

Is your business ready for this?

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